Who we are

Creativity, experience and expertise helping you renovate your home and transform it into an unforgettable, beautiful and functional space.

Designing a house requires a great deal of attention because it involves an extremely important sphere of our lives. Therefore it requires the experience of a team of creative interior architects who are professionally reliable. Indeed designing living spaces is something that is extremely significant to the life of those that will spend a lot of time in that house. It is an undertaking that cannot be left to chance precisely for this reason. Thoroughly convinced of the importance of home architecture in people’s lives, we have created a studio that is solely dedicated to interior design. A studio concerned with the creation of functional home environments capable of arousing emotions, of making the lives of the people who will live inside these spaces better. The architect Roberto Silvestri is thoroughly involved in every design phase and at all points in the implementation of the renovation, working closely with his team of interior architects, identifying innovative and suitable solutions for each and every client. We are not talking about standard, repetitive projects, but homes that are designed and made to measure for the people that will live in them. Our projects are always different from one another due to the fact that they are made for different people with styles and ways of life that could never be considered alike. Our expertise extends to all fields connected to renovation: from architectural design to structural work, from electrical installations to heating and plumbing, from bio-architecture to home automation, from furnishings to lighting technology. All this is to ensure the highest level of thoroughness and to efficiently co-ordinate all activities. Over ten years of experience, combined with creating around one hundred projects in Italy and abroad bestow great international prestige to the work of Roberto Silvestri and his staff of interior architects, which can be seen by the monthly publication of his work in numerous magazines and publications all over the world.
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