We restored an old, stone farmhouse located in an extraordinary position in the Val D’Ayas in the Val D’Aosta region, which was at that point ready to completely collapse. Our clients, a British couple, wanted to recreate the enchanting atmosphere present in all the villages in the valley right in their home and so asked us to reinterpret the meaning of the place, while keeping our feet firmly rooted in local tradition. The outline of the building was still visible, despite the terrible condition it was in when the farmhouse was bought. Therefore we tried to restore it as much as possible and to integrate the old with contemporary elements, which were nevertheless the result of local methods. We made use of locally sourced materials for the wooden load bearing components and stone cladding and we rebuilt a dwelling that bears witness to both past and present. This has led to a home that is perfectly placed against the background it stands in, able of providing its inhabitants with incredible moments of relaxation while looking onto the beauty of the Aosta Valley Alps. On the ground floor the old barn has been converted into a kitchen, restoring the existing stone vault, while the first floor hosts the large spacious living room that looks onto the surrounding landscape. It is almost majestic with its generous, fine proportions, which were already present in this stunning farmhouse that has been renovated with great attention to local customs.